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Researchers Found Strange Molten Metal Beneath Earth’s Core

The scientists have currently discovered strange signs of a swiftly moving river of molten metal in Earth’s core, buried thousands of miles below our feet. The metal is similar to the atmosphere’s jet stream, said the scientists. The scientists said the molten metal environment can be helpful for scientists. As per the researchers, this study can be supportive to understand and learn about the changes in earth’s magnetic field. The scientists stated that the westward-flowing jet is containing secretes of earth’s history.

The researchers have launched three European Space Agency Swarm satellites to discover about Earth's magnetic field. Earlier, through these three satellites the scientists have discovered two major magnetic fluxes. However, this time the scientists became successful to observe the fact due to the movement of molten metal.

The scientists explain that the earth’s outer core contains a flow of molten iron that gives our world a magnetic field. And the changes in the magnetic field allow the scientists to track the molten jet, stated the scientists.

Content Source: Hindustan Times


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