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Salty Food Makes You Hungry

According to a new study salty food makes you hungry rather than thirsty.  The study is done by the scientists from the Max Delbrûck Center for Molecular Medicine in Germany and Vanderbilt University. As per the findings, salt triggers a process in the kidneys that retains water and requires energy that in turn makes you hungry.

The study, which mixed up two simulated missions to Mars, saw ten volunteers sealed in a spaceship for 105 days and 205 days. The scientists observed that the volunteers who started by consuming 6 grams of salt and increased to 12 grams drank less while their kidneys conserved more water.

Additionally, they also noticed consuming more salt led to a higher salt content in urine and a larger volume of urine altogether despite the volunteers not drinking more.

Before this study, researchers believed water was pulled out of the body by salt during urination. However, the new study finds the salt is excluded while water is recycled back into the body.

Source: Hindustan Times

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