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Say Hi to Aliens

Doughlas Vakoch is president of METI (Messaging Extra-terrestrial Intelligence) international in San Francisco, Calif. He has been thinking of what to say to the aliens, when such a thing would be possible. Led by Vakoch, his group focuses on broadcasting signals to the outer space. They hope to contact some other civilization somewhere in another world. Vakoch has put forward the idea of using a bright laser lights and powerful telescope.

Astronomers have earlier tried to have such contact by sending series of mathematical pings, 1679 to be the exact number. This number is believed to include a hidden message that contains pictures of DNA, the solar system and a stick figure. 1679 is the product of 23 and 73, both of those being prime number. Scientists are thinking that such a product is unlikely to exist in nature, so if there are aliens who can intercept the equation, they might get a reply.

Astronomers have tried multiple ways to contact the aliens. But the sole purpose of the finding is not to count the number of aliens. Vakoch says that he is trying to know about their culture, society, value system and what they find beautiful.



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