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SC Doesn't Agree With Aadhaar Law Being Termed As Money Bill

The Supreme Court has objection on agreeing with government that Aadhaar law is Money Bill. A LokSabha speaker used the term as it is dealing with targeted delivery of subsidies for which the funds are paved from Consolidated Fund of India. The 5 judge constitution bench is headed by DipakMisra who referred to Section 57 of the Aadhaar act. The Section mentions that State or anybody corporate or person can use the number on Aadhaar to identify an individual for any purpose. The nech said that this identification snaps the link with Consolidated Fund of India meaning that the Aadhaar legislation can't be called Money Bill.

The remarks came from K.V. Venugopal who is an attorney general and included arguments from lawyer such as senior advocate P Chidambaram. The arguments stated that Aadhaar is not certified to be called as Money Bill as it doesn't meet the conditions of Article 110 of constitution. Article 110 is definition of money bill. Mr. Venugopal cited several provisions of the Aadhaar Act, 2016 that said that the term "targeted delivery of subsidies" actually refers to expenditure of funds.

He added that as of now, there is no such contract with private entities with UIDAI that is before the court. When any such issue will be placed before the members, only then it can be examined.  


By: Neha Maheshwari


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