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Scientists Captured Brain Activity during Human Thoughts

With the help of fast ‘FMRI’ the scientists have followed human thought by capturing rapidly fluctuating brain actions. FMRI, Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging is considered as a measuring technique that counts the transformations in blood oxygenation.

Earlier the FMRI technique was to be considered too sluggish to measure the subtle neuronal activity associated with higher order brain functions. However, this new discovery has proved the true capabilities of FMRI. As per the scientists, fast MRI can detect rapid brain oscillations. Additionally, this technique is a significant step towards realizing a central goal of neuroscience research, said the researchers.

With the support of fast FMRI the neurosurgeon can map the brain networks liable for human cognitive functions such as insight, concentration, and responsiveness. The scientists have stated that the research has showed the potential of FMRI for mapping healthy neural networks. Along with this research can play an important role by helping people suffering from dementia and other mental health disorders. 

Hindustan Times & Times of India

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