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Scientists Create Truly-Secure Global Communication Network

Scientists from The National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT, President: Hideyuki Tokuda, Ph.D.) have created a mind blowing technology by using a microsatellite. This latest technology is world's smallest and lightest quantum-communication transmitter (SOTA) onboard the microsatellite SOCRATES.

The scientists stated that they got succeeded in the demonstration of the first quantum- communication experiment from space. For this successful development the scientists received information from the satellite in a single-photon regime in an optical ground station in Koganei city. While demonstrating the new development the scientists stated that SOTA weighs 6 kg and its size is 17.8 cm length, 11.4 cm width and 26.8 cm height. It transmits a laser signal to the ground at a rate of 10 million bits per second from an altitude of 600 km at a speed of 7 km/s.

The developers added that, with the help of SOTA they can correctly detect the communication signal at a fast speed. Additionally, is device will work as a major step toward building a global long-haul and truly-secure satellite communication network.

By: Priyanka Negi


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