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Scientists Discovers Links between Human Tooth and Sun

A team of researchers from the University of McMaster have revealed the story of humanity. The team has done a research to know about the relationship of humans with the sun.

To find out the answers, the scientists have created a method that will help them to understand the major facts about evolution as well as migration. The scientists have stated that they have dug out the hidden facts from the enamel.

The study which happened in 2016 established that dentine: the material that forms the bulk of the tooth -- carries a permanent record of Vitamin D deficiency, or rickets. Moreover, during periods of extreme deficiency, new layers of dentine cannot mineralize, leaving microscopic markers which researchers can read like rings of a tree.

The scientists added the findings showcased the stories of human adaptations. Early man moved from equatorial Africa into lower-light regions, and may explain changes in skin pigmentation to metabolize more sunlight. Those markers also explained about how indoor living has silently damaged human health, stated the scientists.


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