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Scientists Find Evidence of New Planet Formation

The scientists have discovered the formation of planets around young star also known as HD 163296.

The astronomers have used the Atacama Large Millimeter/sub millimeter Array (ALMA) enclose compelling evidence that two newborn planets, each about the size of Saturn. The scientists have explained that these newly born planets orbit around the young star, HD 163296. Additionally, these fully formed planets exposed themselves by the dual mark they left in both the dust and the gas portions of the star's proto planetary disk.

The scientists have stated that earlier observation of other young star system has cleared our understanding of planet formation. The scientists have seen images from ALMA's of HL Tauri and TW Hydrae that revealed striking gaps and prominent ring structures in the stars' dusty disks.

As per the researchers, the found features may be the enticing signs that planets are being born.  Surprisingly, these signs appeared around much younger stars than astronomers previously thought. Moreover, it is been suggested that planet formation can begin soon after the arrangement of a proto planetary disk.

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