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Scientists Find Substitute for 2D Graphene

According to a nature study two-dimensional boron is best material for stretchable electronics. The study has found that two-dimensional material such as graphine is a tough to apply on flexible electronics.


Collaboration of the Rice lab of theoretical physicist Boris Yakobson and experimental collaborators analyzed the material. As per the analysis metallic borophene is a mite-thick covering of boron.


The research showed transferring boron onto an expandable base protects the material’s flexibility with out loosing its electric properties. The scientists have suggested that graphene is conductive but stiff carbon for flexible electric materials.


Flexible electric devices, as a name suggest, supposed to be twist, stretch, and even compress. Therefore, graphene can not be properly suitable for these kinds of products, stated the researchers.


Meanwhile analysts also added that borophene made with silver layer that creates micro-scale corrugations. According to ‘Yakobson’, borophene is a pure metallicand has strong electron-phonon which makes it suitable conductive carbon.



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