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Scientists Finds Technology to Identify Water Pollution

The researchers from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have created a DNA-based device. This newly developed device can detect and distinguish sources of microbial contamination in water. The research was done with the help of a PhyloChip that is as small as a credit card. According to the claim this device is capable of identifying the presence of over 60, 000 species of bacteria.


During a test which was conducted in Northern California, the scientists have come to know this new method works without affecting humans’ health. Through a live test the scientists have concluded that the new device works much effectively as compare to conventional fecal indicator tests.


The researchers said some diffuse sources are difficult to identify which is becoming a serious concern. Earlier, Phylochip has been used for several medical, agricultural, and environmental purposes. Additionally, Phylochip also helps to check air pollution as well as the nature of coral reef.


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