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Scientists Predicts Future of China’s First Space Lab

As per a recent observation, Tiangong 1 translates to "Heavenly Palace”, will come down and crash to earth. Tiangong 1 is China’s first space laboratory, which was launched in September 2011. This space lab serves as a prototype for a permanent space station that it aims to eventually build and launch.

However, six years after it first went into orbit, the 8½-ton laboratory is soon expected to meet a fiery and uncontrolled end, hurtling down to Earth and crashing somewhere anywhere on the planet. It was reported in September 2016 by the Chinese officials that had lost control of the space lab that it would crash into Earth sometime in the latter half of 2017.

In May, the officials told the United Nations that the lab would reach Earth between October and April 2018. During its re-entering, the Lab, which measures 34 feet in length, is expected to burn up.

By: Priyanka Negi



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