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Scientists Scales the Level of Co2 in Arctic

A team of scientists from the US has recently done a research on the melting snow or the sink of CO2 during spring. The research has been done by the scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, in collaboration with a team of other scientists.

The team was aimed to measure the emission of carbon and based on the spring pulse in northern Alaska that they documented in 2014 that included CO2 emissions equivalent to 46 percent of the net CO2. The scientists said that the CO2 is absorbed in the summer months and methane emissions that added 6 percent to summer movement. The scientists have quantified the scale of such releases and explained the basic mechanisms for the occurrence.

The scientists have explained that this study is a project of DOE's Next-Generation Ecosystem Experiment (NGEE-Arctic). Additionally, the study seeks to gain an analytical understanding of the Arctic worldly ecosystem's feedback to climate.

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