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Scientists Uncovered the Hidden Hand of Shakespeare

The researchers have revealed the link between Shakespeare and the 16th-century play. As per the literary scholars from Australia, the five scenes in the 1592 tragedy, ‘Arden of Faversham’, were penned by Shakespeare. The analysts used sophisticated computer modeling for the study.

Jack Elliott and Brett Greatly-Hirsch used analogue methods of the Shakespeare scholars. The scholars have long suspected that the play was a teamwork linking the world's most famed writer.

The researchers have also stated that their machines allowed them to re-examine the text with a new perspective. Moreover, the machines also helped them to segregate the important work. The researchers showed the digital proofs to the editor of the ‘New Oxford Shakespeare’. The editor has also included the work in the latest collection of Shakespeare. The latest collection of work includes 44 other plays 17 of which now appear as joint works with authors such as Marlowe, Fletcher and Wilkins. The scientists have examined blocks of text from the play and used computational methods to observe the frequency and patterns of a word.

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