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Screens from a new perspective

The American Academy of Paediatrics has released guidelines telling them about the effective ways for children to use media. Although they have not rejected the harmful impact of long hours in front of the screen but have given the parents a solution for this rising issue of gadget and media addiction at a very early age. 

They have said that there are notable benefits of the educational shows and applications on the screen these days. These can be used beneficially for the development of the child. To curb the problem of TV addiction in children the guidelines suggested parents to sit with the children while they watch TV and interact with them. It also suggested the parents to monitor the screen time, when their children use gadgets. They need to ensure that it does not hinder their sleep schedule. The guidelines also put forward the idea of designating a specific time of the day to be media free.

Following all these will not only help the child develop but also make the parent-child bond stronger.



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