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Self-trolling or Self-cyber bullying: A Suicide Platform for Teens

It is often seen that youth can be misguided very easily. A new form of self-harm technique that is becoming popular in youth is a major cause for concern. 'Digital self-harm' or 'self-trolling’ is the latest trend where youths send or share unwanted information about themselves anonymously on online platform. This trend is increasing with alarming rates. A new research has evaluated the cause and the alarming effects of the digital self-harm.

Adolescents are causing harm to themselves with cuts, scratches or burns on their own body parts.  But now it has sought attention not just because of the physical damage and internal injury, but also because it has been leading youths towards suicide. There have been several instances where the self-cyber bullying has lead children to commit suicide or attempt to suicide. For instance, a 14-year-old girl Hannah Smith committed suicide in 2013 after sending herself anonymously heart-touching messages on a social media platform. It was found that 6% of the teenagers accepted that they had posted something mean about themselves on online platform anonymously. Boys were more excited to participate in this kind of weird behaviour in compared to girls.

It was very shocking to know that most of the boys posted them to have fun and to get attention; whereas, girls did it out of depression or being hurt psychologically. At the same time youths who had shown self-harm behaviours offline were more sensitive to have engaged in self-harm online. It needs our deep and immediate attention.


By- Anita Aishvarya

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