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Singing – The Best Therapy

Singing – The Best Therapy

Post-natal depression is commonly found amongst many parents after having babies. It is commonly found in more than 1 in every 10 women within a year of giving birth.

It might affect fathers and partners, but less. New mothers feel low and impatient in the first week leading to post-natal depression. Women undergo lack of energy and feel sleepy or tired all the time along with uneasiness in sleeping. Women indulge in various activities to get rid of this but as a result of researches it is found that women who took part in group singing sessions with their babies experienced a better and faster improvement in their symptoms than those who did not. Previous studies have also proved that singing helps to make old people mentally healthier and also holds good for post-natal depression. During the research, new mothers were placed into three groups. The first group took part in singing, the second in creative play sessions and the third group received their usual care, which includes family support etc. It was found that mothers learning lullabies and songs from around the world with their babies and creating new motherhood songs together had a much faster improvement in post-natal depression than mothers in usual care and play groups. According to Dr. Rosie Perkin’s study singing is definitely a useful therapy to offer women. Since then, Breathe Arts Health Research started running singing workshops across the south London for curing women with post-natal depression.

By: Anuja Arora


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