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An important concern for urban people is lack of sleep. It silently triggers several health issues in them. Getting sufficient sleep aids in building up your immune system and regulating different hormones. Human body needs some 7-9 hours of night sleep after a hectic day’s work.

Lack of sufficient sleep poses increased risk of chronic health problems like heart diseases, high blood pressure, and strokes. A good night’s sleep helps repair and heal your damaged blood vessels and heart.

Sleep deprivation results in poor immunity, and thereby illness. During sleep, your immune system generates antibodies and cytokines. These play an important role in protecting your body against diseases.

Lack of adequate sleep also disturbs the bowel movement and causes digestion issues. Studies show that patients with sensitive stomachs and irritable bowel syndrome have increased symptoms following a sleepless night.

Insufficient sleep stresses your brain and impairs its normal functioning. So, sleep deprived people are at the risk of experiencing hallucinations, memory loss, depression, inability to grasp information, impulsive behavior, suicidal tendencies and paranoia. Students should sleep well to retain the information they gain.

Make sure you get sufficient sleep to enjoy a happy and healthy life!

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