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Smartphone Can Smartly Control Live Bacteria

Stanford University has come up with a new smart phone microscope called LudusScope. The name was suggested after the Latin word ‘Ludus’ that refers to elementary school or play games as per the researchers. The scientists have claimed that this smart microscope can detect microbes through a light seeking feature. Additionally Euglena is the name that has been suggested by the scientists for the light seeking feature.

The researchers stated that this device allows children to play games while it detects the small bacteria. Not only this, the researchers have matched the game with some familiar games such as Pac-Man and Soccer Stadium. During the interview the scientists have stated that the idea has been generated by the team. Engaging children to games with living cells is the main agenda behind the invention, said the researchers.

 As per the study the game contains a platform for microscope slide that allows the Euglena to swim freely. With the help of a joystick children can control the swimming direction of the microbes. 

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