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Some Easy Tricks for Better Night Photography

Let’s find out some new tips to improve night photography.

  1. When the photo has to be taken at the end of sunset:  For like 25 seconds long exposure, firstly, remove the ND filter (Natural Density filter) because it will add more colour in the picture but polarizer can be used in the place of ND. Secondly when u start shooting, look for the time when the sun is going down. Then, prepare your camera in a way that ISO should be 100 or 200.
  2. 25 seconds is the best long exposure: For example, if the scene has clouds and water then, 25 seconds exposure gives water a silky look and clouds gets little stretchy. If your picture is little dark, set the aperture f/4 or if it is too bright, then f/14. For manual mode keep the ISO lower and aperture f/7 or f/8.
  3. Try some other exposures too:  Though 25 seconds exposure is the best but to bring out some variation, then it varies from where the picture has been taken and use the tripod while taking the picture for the stability.
  4. Different shades: When the picture is taken where the focus is on the sun (after or before the sunset), little details can be noticed about the picture but as the camera moves towards the darker side the details become difficult to recognise. However, just after sunset is the best time for clicking the picture.
  5. About clouds: It’s better to capture when the clouds direction is towards you, its gives a good stretchy look in the picture.

By: Srishti Sharma



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