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Some Simple Steps to Help Scoring Better Marks in 10+2 Exam

Marks have been a major concern for all students as it has become the criteria for getting selected in desired universities. As such children are worried about scoring best marks. Most of the students don’t take their studies seriously throughout the year and expect some sort of trick to get good percentage in the last three months. There are some simple steps that one should follow to get better marks.

  1. Students should try to improve their present performance by comparing it to their own past performances. Self evolution is the best thing to do well.
  2. They should try to follow and complete their syllabus books rather than going behind heavy reference books and keys.
  3. One should mark his own mistake and promise to himself not to repeat it again.
  4. Time is also a deciding factor in exams, therefore one should never ignore it. Value the time before and during exams. Practice to solve questions in a limited time. They should themselves decide how much time they should assign to studies.
  5. Don’t ignore subjects like English, Hindi etc. as they also add to the overall marking.
  6. Do practice and solve previous year questions as they will bring perfection.
  7. Always mind the handwriting and make the answer sheet look presentable.
  8. Be in a relaxing mode to the night before the exam and sleep early.
  9. During the exam, first read all questions carefully and solve the questions that can be solved easily rather than wasting precious time in solving tough questions.
  10. Underline the important points in the answer paper.
  11. Utilize all the time given for the exam. Don’t make hurry.

By: Anita Aishvarya


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