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Someplace Like Earth

If you look up in the sky with a high powered telescope and observe the constellation Cetus, you will notice a small red star shinning at the tail of the constellation.

Scientists are saying that, that red star may actually be the answer to the question that if there is life outside the solar system. The star has been given the name Super Earth and it is believed that it is a place where life can exist. It has a habitable atmosphere and comes among the goldilocks Zone, which is a place where the atmosphere is neither too hot nor too cool. The planet is just 40 light years away from the earth, so it could be possible for the scientists to send signals. The planet was found by a team of scientists from European Space Observatory’s High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher (HARPS). The new planet is 10 times closer to the parent planet than the earth and sits in a habitable zone.

The scientists are trying to find out more about the planet to see if we have neighbours some light years away.

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