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Spell like Harry Potter in New Feature by Google

Google has featured a new technique for smartphone users. This newly developed feature will help the users to spell magic words just like Harry Potter. Smartphone users can enter in the world of magic by using one click on their smartphone. The developers said that, by just saying “Ok Google” followed by “Lumos” or “Nox” can turn your phone’s flashlight on and off. Not only this, the users can also manage their phone’s ringer and notifications, by saying “Silencio”.

Additionally, the users can ‘call’ locations from the J K Rowling’s novel and upcoming film “Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them.” The best part of this feature is that the locations can be explored with Google Street View. The Google explorer track the scenes from New York in 1926. The feature takes help from the explorer to find out and compare how these scenes spots look like in present days.

The developers have named the feature as Google’s new virtual-reality headset Daydream. With the help of this aspect, users can further explore the magical world.




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