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Spinach: A Natural Detector

Many of us may be aware about the health benefits of spinach. But the scientists have found other fruitful factors of the greenie spinach that include the quality of detecting landmines. Yes, you read it right; the scientists have said that spinach can detect explosive material inside the soil. Additionally, this healthy plant can work as a landmine detector.

The research was held by the scientists at MIT. While explaining the process, the scientists stated that they fixed carbon nanotubes, on the leaves of the spinach plant. The plants release a distinct luminous when explosive chemical compounds in the presence of nitroaromatics.

Furthermore the scientists explained that the plant tracks the soil-moisture up into their leaves where it reaches those fixed nanotubes. The scientists’ description included that the spinach plants need certain additional equipment to work progressively. A laser light source is aimed at the plants’ leaves that get reflected by the attached microscopic nanotubes, said the researchers.


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