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Stay Fit to Score High

Research has shown that having stronger muscles helps children in having better memory. The researchers evaluated 79 children between the age of 9 and 11. They were assessed on the basis of muscular and aerobic fitness.

It was found that the muscle fitness was directly related to the memory accuracy. The scientists linked the thinking skills and academic performance of the children to their aerobic fitness. The study was done due to the rising number of children being overweight, inactive and unfit. One of the main reasons of the children being inactive all day is the amount of time that a child spends in front of the screen. The children who took part in the test were made to do aerobic and muscular exercises and then their academic achievements were studied. The studies showed that children who had higher level of aerobic fitness also scored comparatively higher on memory and mathematic test.

These findings can be put to good use by the schools and education systems all over the world to increase the productivity of the students by giving them a boost in the field of sports.


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