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Stop the Blame Game and Look for Other Measures to Combat Air Pollution

Pollution is injurious to our health, wellbeing and survival on earth, in all its forms. Air pollution is the most dangerous because it directly relates to our breathing.

Very recently we came through a very embarrassing situation when during the second day test cricket match between India and Sri Lanka the Srilankan bowlers Lahiru Gamage and Suranga Lakmal complained of having difficulty in breathing and left the Kotla ground early. It is the first time in Indian History when a game was disrupted because of air pollution. It’s really a matter of high concern and deep thinking. People are blaming Delhi and Central governments for lack of preparation to tackle with the situation that arose during Diwali this year and in this winter when terrifyingly high concentrations of particulates were caused. Urban air pollution includes gases and small particles due to our own activities that are associated with vehicles, dust, domestic works and heating, power plants and industries nearby, diesel generator sets, and burning of waste in open area. The level of pollution rises with population and economic growth. Efforts are being made to reduce intensity of emissions. It’s the high time to give our contribution in dealing with air pollution than blaming the Government.

By: Anita Aishvarya



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