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Stress Invokes Pro-Social Behavior in Humans

Recently, the scientists from the University of Vienna have observed the positive side of stress. The scientists have said that stress is known as a vital psycho-biological mechanism. This mechanism prepares human organism to manage aggressive situations.As per the observation by the researchers, stress can increase empathy in humans.The study was conducted with the help of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). The FMRI helped the scientists to measure various brain activities. The scientists have stated that the research was based on the stress-related changes of neural activity in the empathy network.During the research, the scientists also measured effects of the psychological stress induction by using a cortisol increase. 

Through several activities, the scientists came to know that neural empathy network reacts more strongly to images of painful medical procedures when under stress. Moreover, neural activation linked with the amount of money shared in a pro-social manner.  The stronger the brain's responds to others' pain, the more money the participant shared with the stranger, observed the scientists.

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