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Strong Education Policy Is The Call Of The Hour

Once again unsteady policies in education by the government of Gujarat has raised concerns in the state. Results of Class 12th for 2018 that were declared on 10th May had raised concerns about certain policies , particularly in the science stream. Government policies with reference to Science stream has changed several times since the last five years.

Joint Entrance Test were introduced in 2013 but then in 2016, following a Rajkot-based management policy, government made it optional for students of Science stream and the Gujrat Common Entrance Test (GujCET) was introduced once again. Prior to 2012, around 1200 students could only clear the JET but in 2016, the clearance rate increased to 12,000 and in 2018 again the qualifying rate went down to 6000.

Somewhat similar is the case with the semester system. With the semester system, pass percentage were average, upto 67, but with the introduction of the system, it went upto 80 in 2013, and shot upto 94 in 2014. However, in 2018, as the government junked the semester system, it again slid down to 72.

In the words of a former principal and educationists, it is necessary for the government to do more research before finalising any terms and policies in the education sector because ultimately it hampers the future of our children. And it seems that the government has experimented too much and it is high time that a strong policy is specified taking into consideration the future of our young generation.


By: Tulika Dey


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