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Study to Measure Effects of Human Activities on Seabed

Researchers have expanded their studies to analyze the rising effects of human activities and its impacts on the ocean. The idea was created by a group of UK scientists and coordinated by the University of Southampton. The team has published extensive research into how industry and environmental change are affecting our seafloors.

However, the scientists stated that more work is required to help safeguard these complex ecosystems and the benefits they provide to people for the future. For this research, scientists from eight institutions and organizations have worked together. This amalgamation of ideas has helped the researchers to examine areas of sea or ocean located on the UK continental shelf to understand the sensitivity of these systems to human activities.

The communal importance of these ecosystems extends beyond food production. This expansion includes biodiversity, carbon cycling and storage, waste disposal, nutrient cycling, recreation and renewable energy. Scientists also showed their concerns and said, human intervention, such as fishing, pollution and activities causing climate change are all affecting the balanced ecosystems.

 By: Priyanka Negi


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