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Sundar Pichai: His Genius Made Him Google’s CEO

Pichai Sundararajan is an Indian born American computer scientist and executive. He is the current CEO of Google, Inc. He was born in Madras and grew up in a cramped home.  His father who was an electrical engineer in British multinational GEC ensured Pichai to have good education.

 He showed his deep interest and love for technology since childhood. He earned a scholarship to study at Stanford after completing bachelors from IIT, Kharagpur. His extraordinary efforts to gain education led him to pursue MBA from Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania. Joining Google became a turning point in his life then. He worked for Google toolbar and then he was involved in making of Chrome.

In August 2015, Pichai became CEO of Google. In 2011, he was offered an employment opportunity by Twitter and then in 2014 he was suggested as the contender for Microsoft’s CEO. But both the times, he was provided huge financial packages from Google.


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