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Super Small Sensors for Human Body

The scientists have developed tiny device (fitbits) that can be implanted inside human body and brain. According to the claim by the researchers these sensors are as small as dust & can be worn as a fitness device. The scientists have tested the device on rats to get the successfully results.


The small wireless sensors will be placed inside the human body that can be helpful to monitor people’s health as per the developers. While elaborating the potential benefits of the newly created fitbit, the scientisst stated that it can treat epilepsy.


This millennium device can also detect heart rate, quality of sleep, number of steps walked and stairs climbed, and many more.


Michel Maharbiz an associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science at the University of California, Berkeley said that, “this new wireless device is a deep tissue fitbit which can help humans in collecting data”.


In addition to the statement the scientists said that the new micro device do not need any battery as it uses ultrasound waves for power and to collect data from the nervous system.

Hindustan Times

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