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Survey Calls Vocational Education in India Ineffective

Vocational education, also referred to as skill-based education can be pursued in various disciplines. These courses help the students in acquiring skills that are non-academic in nature and are related to a certain occupation, trade or profession. Such education is also called as technical education. Keeping the changing scenario in mind, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has included a number of vocational subjects in their senior secondary education.

As per a new survey, it has been revealed that these courses have hardly succeeded in creating adequate job seekers that are employable in nature. More than 60% of the students who pursue these courses have found them to be ineffective. On an average, only 18% of these students find jobs, of which only 7% are formal jobs. This survey, which was conducted among 105 organisations and 65 students, has revealed that the core factors that are responsible for this scenario are as follows: absence of rich academic content, inadequate funding and negative perception towards these courses and lack of awareness and scope of continued learning. The employers in the industry feel that the training imparted to the students who pursue vocational courses is not up to the mark and needs improvement. In order to improve in this field, it is extremely important that these vocational courses should be more demand driven and must target specific sector skills and contemporary skills.


By: Anuja Arora


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