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Talk Reorganization App by Scientists

Developers from Microsoft have developed a technology that can identify the talk in a conversation. The scientists have claimed that their development has the capacity to identify the words of any dialogues. The technology has been created by a team of researchers and engineers from Microsoft. According to the researchers this system provides few errors as compared to professional transcriptionists.

As per the reports represented by the researchers a word error rate (WER) of 5.9 per cent has been recorded last month during the research. The researchers 5.9 error rate is better that transcriptionist. The analysts added that this is the first time that the company have got a historical achievement. According to the claim the newly made technology can recognize the conversation as the humans do.

The chief speech scientist Xuedong Huang presented his happiness through writing on his blog. He also added that the company’s goal has been achieved within a year’s time.


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