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Telepresence Will Definitely Revolutionize Scientific Exploration

 A new virtual approach to scientific exploration has been disclosed by researchers. This new approach to science in space is called by them as exploration telepresence. Recently, Apollo astronauts on the moon spoke with Mission Control on Earth. There was an observable time gap between a statement from Tranquility Base and its immediate acknowledgement from Houston.

This time gap lasted for almost three seconds or ten times longer than human reaction times would account for. The question of what was happening aroused. The answer to it was very simple and in fact just a word i.e. space. The moon takes its orbit at an enough distance from Earth. The light (and radio) takes 1.3 seconds from each way to travel the distance. When the exploration targets farther away, then there is an increase in delay. Thus, signals take between 5 and 40 minutes which are also depended upon the varying distance between the two planets.

Astronauts made scientific observations during Apollo missions and relayed it back to scientists on Earth whatever they witnessed. The findings worked well for lunar explorations but the time delay will reduce the quality and scientific value of such collaborations.

By: Bhavna Sharma


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