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The Human Resource Ministry to Change No Detention Policy for Class 5 & 8

The Government is going to change the no detention policy for class 5 and 8. The Human Resource Ministry has decided to change the earlier policy that promoted all the students from Class 5 and 8. According to the new policy, all the students have to pass the examination. Few other states have also given a green signal to the changes. As per the new policy, it will be mandatory for all students of Class 5 and 8 to clear the examination so as to get into next class.

Under the old policy, initially introduced by UPA, the students up to Class 8 are not detained by schools. As per the RTE (Right to Education) Act, Section16, this policy was enforced with the motive of providing education to each and every child between the age of 6 and 14. The officials have stated that to avoid detention, all the students will be given sufficient chances to successfully pass the examination. 

Few Non-Government Organization has also done a survey and it has been found that the level of education in the past eight years have dropped down for classes up to the upper primary level in India. As per the survey, subjects in which the educational standards have highly dropped are Mathematics and English.

Source: Hindustan Times

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