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The Key of Behaviour Change Lies in Our Own Brain

Researchers found that when a region of the brain called the posterior cingulate cortex is stimulated, it can lead to changes in our routine behaviour. Knowing this fact could help businesses better understand how to motivate employee innovation, exploration and creativity. The theory is based on the logic that the circuits in our brain allow us to focus on a particular task, especially a task that leads to reward a specific target.

It is found that when a reward is associated with a task we work harder to achieve it even if it requires more time and energy. Once an ideal pattern for success is understood then that pattern is followed until it stops working and a behaviour change is marked. Techniques that directly activate the posterior cingulate cortex like brain stimulation or game play that increases distraction, particularly within the situations that don't allow a routine to be made, can ensure more creativity.

People who have more activity and uses their mind in different ways, and tend to be more creative in their lives. The latest report suggests that capacity to be more creative evolved for a very specific purpose, which is to allow us to forage efficiently in a given situation that remains changing. This brain region motivates the individual to change its pattern of work and also leads towards behaviour change.


By- Anita Aishvarya

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