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The Latest List of Journals Removed More Than 4,000 People from It

The University grants commission has recently removed more than 4,303 after receiving complaints regarding the inclusion of poor quality and questionable journals. As per the Higher Education Body "Based on careful scrutiny and analysis 4305 journals are removed from the current UGC-approved list of journals because of poor quality or incorrect or insufficient information or false claims".

The UGC has been receiving complaints from various researchers, teachers, the members of academic community and also from media houses and press. A recent study held by the group of researchers said that 88% of non recorded journals, in the approved list by UGC that are included on the basis of suggestions from universities may be of low quality. UGC, Delhi published an ‘approved list of journals’. But this list has been criticized as it included various substandard journals. Various journals were from Delhi University, Aligarh Muslim University, Mumbai University, Banaras Hindu University etc.

A notification from UGC said: Considering these complaints, the Standing Committee on Notification of Journals re-evaluated every journal title recommended by universities as well as those indexed by Indian Citation Index on filtering criteria defined by the Standing Committee. In addition to these journals, 191 titles covered in Indian Citation Index are pending for evaluation by the Standing Committee on Notification of Journals".


By: Shruti Anand


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