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The Lumiere Brother: Auguste and Louise Lumiere

French brothers Louis and Auguste Lumiére turned their family business into one of the biggest manufacturing industry of photographic plates in Europe during the 1890's.. They were inspired to so so after attending an exhibition of Kinetoscope which was invented by Thomas Edison and William Dickson during the 1892 as a primitive motion picture projector. After coming from the exhibition, the Lumiere brothers started to brainstorm on how to combine the film recording and projection into a single device. Louis Lumiére came up with the solution in 1985. They called their device the Cinematographe.

The first public screening was held on 28 December, 1895 at the Grand Cafe on Paris' Boulevard de Capuchines. They opened the theatres in major cities like London, Brussels, Belgium and New York. They made more than 40 films an year. The films were primarily based on the everyday French life and some variations like the first newsreel or the first documentaries such as that of the Lyon fire department. They also began sending cameraman-projectionists to different parts of the world in order to record the scenes of life and showcase their inventions. The Lumiere brothers receded from the business of movie making by 1905 after being drawn in favor of the first ever photographic color process that also seemed practical. It was known as the Lumiére Autochrome. And in the meantime, their motion picture came, Cinematographe came to be known as the most thrilling form of art: Cinema.

By: Neha Maheshwari


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