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The Psychology Of The Readers While Reading A Story Or Article

The headlines or the titles are the first thing that we look upon before reading a story or an article. They are main part of the story or an article that grabs the attention of the readers. It is found in a research that after reading the headlines or titles the readers usually decide whether the article is worth reading or not.

Sometimes very valuable content is ignored by the readers just because the title is boring and fails to attract the readers. So, it is very important for the writer to choose the most accurate and catchy title to entice more and more readers.The writer should keep in mind the perspective of the readers and try to write the articles in a creative way. The title of the article should be written in a question form to generate curiosity in the readers. one should avoid writing very lengthy headlines and try to keep them short and simple and use strong nouns, verbs, and adjectives. The headlines or titles are the first impression. So, a lot of creativity and effort should be put in to write them.

By: Divya Thakur



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