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The Role of Declining Carbon Dioxide in Earth’s Climate System

As per the scientists, a decline in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels has a huge role in the Earth’s climate system. Moreover, atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) levels led to a fundamental shift in the behavior of the Earth's climate system around one million years ago.

For the research, the scientists used new geochemical measurements, coupled with a model of the 'Earth system'. Through this research, the scientists were aiming to see the growth and changing nature of continental ice sheets, approximately a million years ago. With the help of this research, the researchers have shown that the change was an important aspect in triggering, known as the Mid-Pleistocene Transition (MPT).

 Additionally, MPT lasted around 400,000 years. The scientists stated that the MPT had long-lasting effects on the frequency at which the Earth transitioned between periods of warm and cold climate. The scientists also added that for much of the last three million years the Earth's climate naturally cycled every 40,000 years from frigid glacial intervals.



By- Priyanka Negi

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