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The Touch Decides What to Buy

There is different shopping behaviour that has been seen in different people. A new research has revealed that the things we touch during shopping affects the result of the stuff that we buy ultimately. It has been suggested that tactile exposure to the stuff activates the conceptual representation of that thing in our mind, which ultimately becomes a psychological factor to decide what to buy.

Holding an object can lead to visual processing and choice of other just seen products of the almost equal shape and size. The research states that buyers are more likely to choose the thing that is similar to the shape and size of the thing that is in their hand at that time. It is very interesting to know that our hands can guide us to select or pick a particular product. It is seen that some people really like to pick products up and feel them, while other do not like that. A specific shape of product like Coca-Cola's iconic bottle design can be a strong source of brand identification. People like to buy products that they are familiar with.

The research also suggests that touching or feeling the product gives a strong signal to our mind regarding its good or bad quality and experience with that product. After that our mind becomes able to understand what to buy and what not. This is the reason sometimes we buy products that we did not need to buy actually.


By- Anita Aishvarya

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