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This Diwali Projected Losses for the Firecracker Sellers in Delhi-NCR

The wholesale dealers of firecrackers in New Delhi projected losses to run into crores. The Supreme Court gave a death blow to firecracker dealers by announcing ban to the sale of fireworks in the famed walled city of Delhi until 31st October.

The banning news travelled far and wide through Sadar Bazaar and Jama Masjid which are the two famous markets in the Old City. The shops in these markets are piled high with crackers of all kinds. Crackers ranges from sparklers that were sold for about Rs 20 a stick to powerful bombs that were sold for up to Rs 1,000 and more. The Supreme Court also said that it is the order of last November that banned the sale of firecrackers in Delhi – National Capital Region (NCR). This was done to check the pollution levels on this festival of lights.

Whole of the dealers living in NCR got affected by this judgement. Amit Jain who is a seller of firecrackers in Jama Masjid said that crackers worth crores got wasted.

By: Bhavna Sharma


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