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Top Ten Best Gujarati Dishes

Gujarati cuisine refers to the cuisine of Gujarat, a state in western India. Despite having an extensive coastline providing wholesome seafood, Gujarat is primarily a vegetarian state due to the influence of Jain vegetarianism. Some of the exotic Gujarati dishes are as follows:

1. Khaman Dhokla

It is made up of ground lentils (channa dal) or chickpea flour. It seems to be very similar to Dhokla but it is not.

2. Dhebra

Dhebra is an Indian bread from the Gujarati cuisine made up of pearl millet flour. It tastes best when served hot.

3. Handvo

Handvo is a vegetable cake which is a part of the Gujarati cuisine. It is usually made up of bottle gourd filling, although many other vegetables must be added.

4. Khandvi

Khandvi is also referred to as Patuli, Dahivadi or Suralichi Vadi. It is a savory snack enjoyed in Maharashtrian cuisine as well as in Gujarati cuisine. It consists of yellowish, tightly rolled bite-sized pieces and is made of gram flour and yogurt.

5. Patrode

Patrode or Alu Vadi is a vegetarian dish in Gujarati cuisine. It is made from colocasia leaves stuffed with rice flour and flavourings such as spices, tamarind, and jaggery.

6. Methi Muthia

It is a staple dish of Gujaratis. It is made up of chickpea flour, methi (fenugreek), salt, turmeric, chili powder, and an optional bonding agent/sweetener such as sugar and oil.

7. Undhiyu

It is a mixed vegetable dish that is a regional specialty of Surat, India. It comprises of the vegetables that are available on the South Gujarat coastline.

8. Sev Tameta Nu Shaak

It is a sweet and sour curry made from tomato, onion, sev and spices.

9. Dal Dhokli

It is a sweet, spicy, comfort food for every Gujarati. It is made by boiling thick wheat flour noodles in lentils (pigeon pea). It is eaten with rice generally.

10. Sev Khamni

It is made up by mixing Khaman and Sev. It is eaten with meethi or green chutney.

By: Anuja Arora


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