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Trees for the Rescue of Asthma Patients in Urban Society

Asthma is directly associated with our breathing system and our lungs. A very surprising result have been published by the University of Exeter's medical school that people who live in polluted urban areas have lesser chances of getting admitted to hospital with asthma if there are plenty of trees in the area where they reside.

It is suggested that our respiratory health can be improved by the increasing the number of trees around us. During the research it was found that in an urban area that have a high level of air pollution trees per square kilometre were associated with fewer emergency asthma cases in that area. It’s really good news for us that suggests us to plant trees and plan public health policy in our society. That could play a big role in reducing the effects of air pollution through various means. It is seen that the different types of green space, gardens, and tree cover positively affect our health and reduce the level of dangerous air pollution.

Today a number of people including children are getting affected by Asthma that is a sign of danger for all of us. The best way to be safe and cure this disease is plantation. Plants’ ability to breathe in Carbon Dioxide and breathing out the Oxygen is a boon for humans.


By- Anita Aishvarya

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