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Trump puts Indian IT industry in danger

H-1B visa holders will soon be facing difficulties, due to the new administration policies for legal immigrants by Donald Trump. A large part of this H-1B group is occupied by the Indian Information Technology industry. This will lead to difficulties for a large number of students, as India has the highest international students in the US after China.

The new drafts of the administrative policies also plan to reverse Obama’s administration of allowing spouses of H1B visa holders to work in the US. Students holding STEM(science, technology, engineering, mathematics) degrees were initially allowed 3 years of training in the country after they graduate. The new administration will also be shortening the training period for these student graduates.

These orders strictly aim at securing the jobs for Americans and thus strengthening their integrity. The Indian technology industry’s success has largely depended on the presence of Indians in the US. If these are implemented, this could hit the movement of skilled Indians to the US, adversely.



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