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Try Out All These Mouth – Watering Samosas!

Here are some new kinds of Samosas which you can taste:

  1. KeemaSamosa- non vegetariansmay not be interested in veg samosa but now they can enjoy their same taste in samosa too.  The taste of it is amazing and too delicious.
  2. Chocolate Samosa- chocolate lovers now have one more option to taste chocolate in a samosa; this is the special kind of samosa.
  3. Cheese Samosa- cheese always attracted everyone with its stretchy look and amazing taste; in this mainly mozzarella cheese is being used.
  4. Egg Samosa- Egg is one more weakness of people. Small pieces of egg are been used in this with little bit of coriander. Sounding so yummy!
  5. Jam samosa- this is really something new! May be it will taste like toast and jam but fried. It might taste the same but it’s going to be tasty.
  6. Fish Samosa-Many people like to add fish in every dish they eat, so in this poached fish is filled along with mashed potato and herbs.
  7. Tandoori Paneer Samosa-Normally tandoori paneer and samosa are eaten alone as a snack, but here mixing both of them gives a really exciting taste.
  8. Carrot Samosa-Isn’t this is weird! But it tastes the best; mixer of carrot, green chillies and peas together gives an awesome taste.

By: Srishti Sharma


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