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Unique Molecular Signature Gifted in Premature Births

It is found that the pre mature births develop such kind of brain that tries cellular approach to face interrupted development. The cerebellum of an infant gets a distinct molecular structure. One in 10 US babies are affected by premature birth and it is linked to altered metabolite profiles in child’s cerebellum. Cerebellum is that part of brain which controls coordination and balance.

The study was reported by a team of clinical researchers led by Children’s National Health System and can be found in Scientific Reports dated Aug. 15, 2017. It was discovered that pre mature birth babies hold lower levels of a chemical marker of nerve cell integrity. They also have higher concentrations of a chemical marker of cellular membrane turnover. The data suggested that a compensatory mechanism might get triggered when the developing fetal brain’s usual growth is interrupted during gestation. It can occur through early birth, infection or experiencing brain damage.

By: Bhavna Sharma


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