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Want to Feel Stronger and Thinner?

According to a new research by UBC School of Health and Exercise Sciences, a single bout of 30 minutes exercise can make a woman feel stronger and thinner. And the positive effects of the session last for quite long, even beyond the activity.

“Women have a tendency to feel and think negatively about their bodies”, says Martin Ginis, Professor at UBC School. This feeling can have harmful implications on health including increased risk for low self esteem, depression, eating and sleeping disorders etc. The study reveals that exercise can have an immediate and long lasting impact.

The researchers compared the perceptions of women who had completed 30 minutes of vigorous exercise with those who did not do any a physical movement. Women belonging to the exercise group had significant improvements in their body image. This positive feeling and the perception lasted for at least 20 minutes post exercise.

The research will be very helpful in generating positive thoughts and perceptions among women, eradicating the negative ones.


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