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Want To Live Long? Read A Book

Are you a bookworm who just sit in the corner and enjoy reading? So here we have good news for you. According to a new study reading can offer you a long life.


More than this the researchers have also claimed that people who read books live longer than those who do not. Reading provides mental stimulation to the brain. Numerous studies have shown already that reading for just six minute is enough to reduce stress by 68 percent.


Reading process keeps your brain functioning effective. There are several other benefits such as reading makes you aware about what is happening around by keeping you informed about things.


Some earlier studies have even proved that elderly people who read regularly can fight diseases such as Alzheimer and Dementia. Perhaps reading provides a mental exercise that helps to improve slow memory decline, sleep quality and maintain cognitive skills.


Elders with decreasing vision can enjoy a classic novel which can ultimately give them a gift of healthy life as stated by the study.



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