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‘War Room’ to Control Air Pollution

A "war room" has been proposed to arrange in the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) premises to monitor the daily progress of efforts to mitigate the air pollution in Delhi by Harsh Vardhan, the Environment Minister.

Reviewing the 'Clean Air Campaign' preparations, he said that the campaign should not only be symbolic but also be monitored. According to the ministry officials, 131 tonnes of dust is being emitted in Delhi everyday and controlling this emission itself will bring down the air pollution immediately. He also pointed out that there should not be any negligence by officials in enforcing the rules as the campaign will be linked directly to the national image.

Highlights of the campaign include construction sites to be paved and blacktopped (metallic roads), no excavation of soil to be carried out without sufficient dust mitigation measures in place and no loose soil, sand or construction and demolition waste that causes dust should be left uncovered. Apart from it, enforcement of pollution-control measures for vehicles, driving discipline, inspection of power plants in Delhi are also included, violation of which may lead to "on- the-spot" action against violators and if necessary "stop-work" orders.

 By: Srishti Sharma



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