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Warm Temperature Affecting Arctic and Antarctic Ocean

A study shows both Arctic and Antarctic Ocean bears record lows in sea ice extent in November. Additionally the scientists have observed that the ice in these oceans retreat at a time when the region faces the cold darkness of winter.

The study has been done by the scientists from the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC). Through the study, the researchers have claimed that some part of ice was dipped for a short time in mid-November. Moreover, sea ice is reduced by around 50,000 so km (19,300 sq miles) in this period, mainly in the Barents Sea.

As per the scientists, the small reduction which happened in November 2013 removed an area of ice larger than Denmark from the Arctic at a time. This event happened when the sea ice is usually growing.

The scientists have stated that, a warm ocean, a warm atmosphere and a wind pattern all are responsible factors for the decline.

Content Source: Hindustan Times

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Hindustan Times

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